Musical Memories

Did your kids make any musical memories over the holidays?

Music = Memories

I think there are two kinds of musical memories. Sometimes there is a piece of music that just triggers so many memories for me. Or many pieces of music that trigger way too many memories! There are songs I cannot sing without tears coming to my eyes. I remember listening to a former student of mine singing a lovely lullaby. And now, I can barely think of the song without tears running down my face because I still associate the music with a miscarriage from almost 20 years ago. There are other songs that I cannot sing without my mind being flooded with memories from college choir. I cannot read certain portions of Scripture because my mind must sing them instead! I am sure that I am not the only one this happens to!

Performing Music = Memories

The other kind of musical memories I think about are the memories connected to an actual “performance.” For me, Christmas Eve is always connected to music, and to my children performing music. For several years, we did a lot of the music for our church Christmas Eve services. We had string quartets, brass trios, various vocal ensembles, flute duets. Yes, it was a lot of work and stress (for me, at least), and I expect my kids weren’t always that happy about it, but I always felt their musical abilities were a gift we could give to others around us. Some of my favorite pictures of my kids were taken after a Christmas Eve service when they were all dressed up, holding their different instruments. I treasure those pictures.

Listening to Music = Memories

Perhaps I should add a third type of musical memories. Sometimes I hear a piece of music played on the radio and my mind immediately remembers the time one of my kids played that piece. I remember the struggles they had learning it, and how nice it sounded when they performed the piece. And then I will tell my youngest son (much younger than some of his older siblings) how his brother played the piece they were just playing on the radio, or how one of his sisters played a certain piece for her recital. I don’t know if he is ever suitably impressed, but I tell him just the same.

What are your Music Memories?

So, tell me. Did your kids make any musical memories over the holidays? Maybe they won’t remember the event, but you probably will! Or what memories flood your mind when you hear certain music? I’d love to hear your musical memories! Share them in the comments.