My Thanksgiving Day Playlist

I’m curious – Have you made a Thanksgiving Day playlist? I have certain children that always try to sneak in some Christmas music sometime during the Thanksgiving week, but I tend to be more of a purist and save Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. (Day after Thanksgiving – Christmas music all the way!) So this year I decided to make a Thanksgiving Day playlist.

I wanted my playlist to be rather eclectic – a good mix of classical, sacred, Americana, relaxing, enjoyable, etc. I thought about several of my favorite recordings that would work, did a bit of searching for some new ideas and suggestions, then sat down and tried to put it all together. Oh, help! I ended up with quite the mix – and well over 9 hours of music!

This was a fun project! I discovered some new music, some new settings of old favorites. I could easily have included much more music, but decided I needed to stop at some point! Besides, I must finish my Thanksgiving dinner plans and start baking pies!

My Eclectic Thanksgiving Day Playlist

So what’s on my list? I won’t list everything out for you, but I will give you some highlights/summary.

  • Frank Ticheli – I had forgotten how pretty his music sounds
  • Aaron Copeland – What’s not to like?
  • John Rutter – discovered his arrangement of Amazing Grace!
  • Bach – Suitable for most any occasion
  • Stephen Foster – Can’t get much more American than that!
  • Louis Moreaux Gottschalk – Just fun!
  • Percy Grainger
  • Several versions of Amazing Grace – including one with bagpipes
  • Dvorak
  • William Grant Still
  • Mozart’s Exultate Jubilate
  • Beethoven’s 9th Symphony – because, why not?! The last movement is so powerful! And his Choral Fantasy – same idea, much shorter.
  • Various hymn settings

And I keep thinking of other things I should have included or forgot to include. Hmm…I could end up with enough music to keep me going from now until the end of Thanksgiving Day! Or maybe I have better just stop!

If you want to see/listen to my complete Thanksgiving Day playlist, you can find it here: Thanksgiving 2019 Playlist

Oh – and if you enjoy some light comedy, and aren’t worried about being totally politically correct, check out Stan Freberg’s The United States of America.

So, what’s on your Thanksgiving playlist? Or what did I miss on mine? Let me know in the comments.

And, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Welcome to A Music Mom – Music Lessons

Hi! Welcome! I am excited to share with you what I have learned about being a parent of a child (or more) taking music lessons. I have been a music student, a music teacher, and a child of music students, so I can relate to what you are dealing with.

Do you ever wonder if your child should really be taking music lessons? Or, once you started music lessons, do you wonder what you have gotten yourself into? Is all this extra time and money going to be worth it? Will this drain you of your sanity? I’m here to help you figure this music lesson stuff out!

Are you completely ignorant about learning music, or how to help your child learn music? I’m here to help you with that as well. We’ll explore some basics about music history and composers you should know (some of the ones who wrote the music your child will be playing). We will also look at some basic elements of music theory. After all, music theory has to do with how music is put together. The more you understand, the better you can learn to play your music.

I will also give you some tools along the way to help you and your child in this adventure called music lessons.
Check back on Monday for 5 Reasons NOT To Sign Your Child Up For Music Lessons!

See you soon,