A Music Mom’s Music Studio

Welcome to A Music Mom’s Music Studio! This music studio offers piano and flute lessons from the convenience and safety of both your home and mine. 

All lessons are offered remotely. I will accept piano students as young as 5 years old, and flute students in fourth grade and beyond. Adult students are also welcome. 

Meet Your Music Studio Teacher – Mrs. Carol

A picture of Mrs. Carol Rhine

Hi! I’m Mrs. Carol (Mrs. Carol Rhine), and I would love to be your virtual private music lesson teacher! I received my degree in music education many years ago. I completed two instrument proficiencies with that degree – both flute and piano. I began my piano lessons when I was six years old. I started giving piano lessons when I was in high school. My flute lessons started when I entered fifth grade. All that means that I have been practicing, learning, and teaching music for a very long time.

I have taught beginners of all ages, from very young students to adult students. I have had students go on to study music in college. I have also taught music to all my own children. Some of them learned the basics of piano and then moved to other instruments. Some of them went on to study music. One of my children teaches piano and viola, another is a successful high school orchestra director, and a third just completed her music pedagogy degree. All that is to say that I am an experienced teacher of all ages, abilities, and temperaments!

Please look over the Studio Policy, review what the studio has to offer, and sign up for flute or piano lessons! 

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Questions? Contact me at: carol@amusicmom.com